Fortune favors the bold

~ Audentes fortuna iuvat ~

Be part of the first crypto ETF powered by a token and fueled by automated trading bots.


Our bots trade 24/7 to make profit

Invest in $TTG and let our fully automated bots do the trading for you.



Stake your tokens on our terminal and benefit from substantial passive income.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trust Trading?

Crypto assets-based ETF which is powered by a token ($TTG) and fueled by trading bots which run 24/7.

What is the difference to others?

Our bots don’t have emotions, paper hands nor sleep.

What rewards can I expect from $TTG?

Outside of the substantial APR/APY you will benefit from the organic growth of the token price generated by demand and adoption.

Wen Lambo 😎?

Why drive a Lambo when you could own a Ferrari?!