• Name:TTG
  • TTG Identifier:TTG-1abcec
  • Decimals:6
  • Type:ESDT
  • Total supply:126,000,000
  • Address:erd14t...0msqnv

% of total supply


  • Airdrop:2% / 12 months
  • Team:15% / 60 months
  • Advisors:3% / 12 months
  • Marketing:5% / 24 months


The vesting period will start one month after the token public launch on the DEX and tokens will be released on a monthly basis, proportionally divided to the total number of months vested.


For security reasons, all tokens will be locked in a smart contract and they will be released in a timely manner based on the scheduled events. From transparency perspective, all wallet addresses corresponding to the above accounts will be made public and the token distribution can be followed on Elrond Scan after the release from the vesting smart contract. The transfer of funds between Binance and Elrond will be done with EGLD tokens. Why we have chosen the Elrond blockchain? Because it is lightning fast and doesn't have any downtime since it's SOP.

Public sale

The Public Sale events will generate the initial liquidity of the trading strategy and later events will boost this liquidity. There will be a total of 4 events (ICO + firing up 4 Booster sales), each of them happening at a distance of 2 quarters. Using this solution will ensure smooth token distribution among investors and build up their confidence between each sale event. The investment of each participant can be done gradually while observing the efficiency of the trading strategy.


Airdrop and Marketing tokens will be used to promote the project and ensure increased visibility of the Trust Trading project and token in the crypto space.


Contingency tokens will be kept as back-up liquidity in case the profitability of the strategy is not at the expected level.

Booster sale

Booster sale tokens will be unlocked in the mid-month of each relevant quarter in preparation for the upcoming public sale: ⦁ Booster 1 in October 2023 ⦁ Booster 2 in May 2024 ⦁ Booster 3 in October 2024 ⦁ Booster 4 in May 2025

Staking rewards

Staking rewards tokens will provide the rewards pool during inception year of the project, this will ensure sufficient project traction to boost reinvested liquidity for the trading strategy. All the rewards will be distributed on a daily basis, allowing the investors to define their compound strategy as efficient as possible. Unstaking process will have an unbounding period of 5 calendar days, during this period no rewards will be generated. The staking process of the tokens will be done on Trust Trading terminal and it's planned to be live at the end of Q2 '23.